Why Have a Home Inspection?

If you are purchasing a home, selling a home or having a home built, a professional home inspection can tell you its true condition. A professional home inspection gives you an independent, unbiased view of any problems and possible solutions, so that you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision. In today’s competitive market we are sometimes faced with sellers with a basic set of construction skills that are not being completely honest with buyers, Home Inspectors of Ontario are Licensed General Contractors with a full array of technologically advanced tools to help you understand the true condition of the property you are interested in.

You can rely on Home Inspectors of Ontario for an accurate, reliable property inspection. When we do a home buyers or home sellers inspection, we look at every major structural component. If you are interested in knowing the condition of only a part of your home, such as the roof or deck, we offer that service as well, please contact us for an estimate for an inspection of your choice.

Home Buyers Inspection

Whether the home you want to purchase is a century old or just built, the best way to know its true condition is to have a professional home inspection performed.

Our home inspectors are trained to identify all potential problem areas and pinpoint which ones require immediate attention.

We check the condition of the structure, the foundation, electrical, plumbing, the roof and every other potential problem area. Please see the inspection overview for more details.

Home Sellers Inspection

At Home Inspectors of Ontario our certified inspectors evaluate roughly 200 items that make up the properties foundation, structure, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

The purpose behind a pre sale inspection is to uncover hidden and potentially expensive problems that could affect the sale of the home.

A pre inspection gives you time to fix any issues existing with the home.

A sellers inspection not only helps the sellers avoid any unforeseen surprises, but also gives the seller a peaceful clear mindset while introducing their property to the market.

General Construction Inspection

Whether you just upgraded the basement, Kitchen, bedrooms, Roof, Windows, Garage etc.

Our home inspectors are committed to making sure your home project is going to suit your needs and preform to your desired expectations.

Home Inspectors of Ontario is committed to customer satisfaction.